Serial Series Watchers Anonymous

“Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’m a serial series watcher.” (Admission)

“Hi Rebecca” (Group Chant)

Most people who are sports lovers spend time in front of the TV cheering on their team/favourite player or shouting at some terrible ref. Some people prefer sitting down to a good movie. Then there are those that like to watch tv series.

There are many ways that one can watch a tv series. You can watch an episode a week, or wait for the series to come out on dvd and rent it from the local dvd store, or lastly, and my own personal favourite, you can download the entire season of a series off of torrents.

You may start out as a weekly watcher and end up as an addict who watches an entire season in a matter of days, downloading episodes off the internet to get your fix. Once desperation sets in, you land up swapping seasons of one series for others with your serial series watcher friends.

Then you get people like me. I’m a serial series watcher. I realised how far I’d come when this morning I landed up throwing popcorn at the tv screen screaming “COME ON!!!!” at the characters because I was busy anticipating their next move/calling them on their terrible decisions/or smiling at some gooey-cute moment in their fictitious lives. I was having a full on rant- by myself- while watching an episode. I know I should’ve felt embarrassed when I realized what I was doing. But I didn’t. Instead, I decided to start this blog for all the serial series watchers out there who know what it feels like to love/crave/need a series to watch for at least a couple of hours a day. A blog for those slightly deranged ones who sit up till 2am, headphones plugged in, and glued to their laptops while they watch ONE more episode.

From Grey’s Anatomy to Nip/Tuck, Vampire Diaries to True Blood, Lost to Flash Forward, The O.C. to Dollhouse to Gossip Girl. There is so much to say, so many complaints to be made and arguments to be had about which one is the best. And that’s only the condensed list.

If you scream/cry/talk or even just silently take in the amazing-ness that is watching a tv series then welcome to Serial Series Watcher: a blog where anything could happen and the world of entertainment is a wonderland with more than one rabbit hole.

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